Who We Are

We are a company that brings your concept to life through a synergistic process that connects your vision with our experience and expertise in the F&B industry.

A business thrives when all of its components are working harmoniously together, however, harmony is sometimes difficult to achieve when a business has to employ outside experts from different fields to help them expand. That’s why at IFPC, we offer an all-inclusive advisory and training service to private enterprises and individuals. We combine our experience in creating scalable concepts with our partners’ multidisciplinary expertise to bring our clients fresh ideas that can flourish in the global market.

We begin with insight into the latest successful trends and growing markets, providing you with a list of trendy and potentially scalable concepts that fill a void in the market. We then help you create an identity that appeals to people and helps them connect with your concept, and assist you in creating just the right menu, service style, and design.

But our work does not end there; we also provide your team with operational and corporate training to optimize their skills and nurture their talents. We are also experts on the legalities of franchising and can produce a tailor-made franchising package that will help you take your concept to international markets.

When you partner with IFPC you get a team of people dedicated to making your vision come to life, while taking care of the details you can’t and helping you manage the ones you can.

Our Mission

To materialize people’s visions and help them create concepts that resonate with others.

Our Vision

To be a company renowned in the region for its ability to inspire people and support them in making their business dreams a reality; and to be an incubator for innovative concepts yearning to come to life.


Our Values

At IFPC the only thing we are not partners with you in, is crime.

Truly successful partnerships are based on honesty, communication, and understanding. That is why we seek partnerships and people that foster openness and transparency, and why we cultivate relationships that are based on mutual trust and shared vision.

We do our work wholeheartedly and passionately, and live by the golden rule of dealing with others like we would like to be dealt with. This has led us to put transparency at the core of our company culture, meaning that you can count on us to speak the truth in difficult situations and to take ownership of our shortcomings, regardless of the consequences.

Flexibility is integrated into every aspect of what we do. It means we are result oriented, without sacrificing on quality and output.

Being flexible allows us to adapt to changing circumstances and mitigate potential risks without compromising on our goals or the quality of our work.

The IFPC team is available round-the-clock to respond to any emerging needs our clients might have, in order to make the process of launching a concept as seamless and effortless as possible for them.

Human error makes it hard to promise perfection, but that does not stop us from always striving to reach it.

At IFPC, our accomplishments only push us to create better ways of doing things and to continuously set new standards in our industry. We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, and this translates into our work and into the concepts that we help realize. We know the disappointment that can come when a person’s vision and reality do not match, and so our team continually endeavors to bridge the gap between the two to create an end result that matches our client’s expectations, or exceeds it.

At IFPC, we love to be ahead of the game.

We do not just follow trends, we create them. We combine our team’s creativity with experience and skill to design unique concepts that appeal to people’s inherent love for out-of-the-box and original ideas.

We make sure our creative efforts are unified and our ideas are as practical and effective as they are unique. We are not in the business of recycling ideas, as we believe that every concept brings with it an opportunity for the birth of new ideas and methods.

What We Do


We innovate

Everything starts as an idea in someone’s head, and at IFPC, we are not just in the business of making other people’s ideas tangible


We study

The success of a business hinges upon its ability to understand the market and fill the gap present within it.


We rebrand

Concepts aren’t like Phoenixes; they don’t have to die to be reborn again.


We train

We believe that a business thrives when its human capital has the skills and know-how, as well as the shared vision, required to operate the company.


We operate

Operating a business isn’t easy, and at IFPC, we get that.


We franchise

We believe that great concepts shouldn’t be kept on the down low

What is Franchising?

Franchising allows you to develop your business and brand without worrying about the operational costs and risks involved with expansion. Our team will create a franchising kit for your concept and help you with the legal aspects of licensing your idea to interested parties, both locally and internationally.

Instead of managing multiple branches of your business, you can turn your company into a franchise. This allows other investors to buy the rights to your company’s branding, trademarks, business model and practices.

Franchising also allows you to expand much more rapidly than through other means and brings you a steady stream of royalties, while increasing your market presence and growing your company’s brand.

Our Franchising Services


Concept evaluation


Financial model assessment


International market analysis


Trademark assessment and legal aid


Manual development and training

Our Clients

At IFPC, we build partnerships founded on mutual trust and shared vision. Our clients count on us to help them make their ideas a reality.

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